PRANA+ designer lamps
Better to see and be seen
PRANA+ lighting to meet the highest standards. Its aesthetics are a joy to behold and are guaranteed to impress any visitor. The intelligent controller allows you to create a lighting atmosphere that you can adjust at any time to suit your needs: with direct and indirect lighting, individual brightness and light colour or, for the floor lamp, a biodynamic light for increased vitality, improved concentration and other health benefits. These lights will improve quality of life in your place of work and turn it into a genuine smart office — made in Germany!
The first light that´s really bright
PRANA+ office floor light
Optimised for light — from head to toe
The extendable lighting head and adaptive base, the lamp can be optimised for use at all common types of desk.

Individual lighting mood
With the PRANA+ floor lamp, it's easy to adjust the lighting mood to suit your needs using the floor uplighter or with direct light.

Control panel
The touch panel gives you intuitive control over the lamp's functions, including ON/OFF, brightness, infinite adjustment of the white tone (tuneable white function) or scene control.

Intelligent clock generator
The high-tech sensor provides increased comfort and energy efficiency through demand-driven automation — and a pleasant orientation light when using wireless communication.
A design that works perfectly
designed by Peter Schmidt, Belliero & Zandée
down to the last detail
The PRANA+ floor lamp is redefining human-centric lighting. Its combination of elegant design, optimal lighting quality and intelligent control technology makes working a pleasant experience. The extensive range of setting options lets you adjust the light to your own personal needs, while the SymbiLogic Technology improves productivity and wellbeing using biodynamic lighting. Whether used alone or in a network: The lamp always knowns what the user needs and is energy-efficient too. Never before has a lighting solution had such a positive impact on your quality of life at your desk!

One base for every situation

The extendable version of the base enables optimal positioning in any situation — even when the edge of the desk extends to floor level.

Set for comfort

The light head offers precise and flexible linear movement so you can adjust it to a short or long desktop.  

Stylish in any surroundings

Different versions available to suit every interior design: The floor lamp is available in white, anodised black or with a chrome finish.

Rome-bound at the touch of a button

SymbiLogic Technology lets you replicate the lighting conditions from a host of cities around the world at different degrees of latitude.

Sees everything, saves a lot

Thanks to a high-tech sensor, users can set the PRANA+ to switch on automatically only if they are actually at their workplace and if the level of daylight means that additional lighting is necessary, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

The perfect networker

You can control and synchronise multiple PRANA+ lamps via wireless communication. Each lamp also serves as a WLAN access point that can be protected using a personal password.
Our SymbiLogic Technology gives people the right kind of light at all times, improving indoor quality of life. It uses biodynamic lighting to adjust brightness and white tone dynamically over the course of the day in response to the level of natural daylight. This has been proven to improve vitality, concentration and health. The function can be manually overridden at any time. The integrated high-tech sensor technology enables energy-efficient use of daylight in every situation.
Beauty is handed down
PRANA+ pendulum light
Two light sources in one lamp
Direct and optional indirect light to flood the ceiling and create an individual mood.

For challenging visual tasks
The high-end diffusor with an extra-low UGR value keeps the light glare-free.

Perfect design
The cable routing is elegantly concealed in the suspension. Even the ballast is contained in a stylish stainless steel housing.

Use alone or in a network
The pendant lamp can be integrated directly into a DALI network and controlled using light scenes. Even if you use only one lamp, the brightness and colour can still be adjusted at the touch of a button with the integrated DALI Tune Interface!

Boldly understated

The suspension features invisible cable routing in order to preserve the clean, aesthetic design.

Keep disturbances at bay

With its glare-free special diffusor, the lamp ensures you can tackle the most challenging visual tasks – even in larger spaces.

Ideal illumination for any workspace

The pendant lamp is available with a tuneable white setting for infinite adjustment of the light colour from cool to warm white. The brightness of the direct and optional indirect light can be controlled separately.

Tested light quality

The most important thing in any lamp is the lighting quality that it provides. To ensure this meets our stringent requirements, we follow a careful binning process - but that's not all. We examine every light-related characteristic during the entire design and construction process in our high-tech lighting laboratory.


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